Vent Creativity is a machine-learning powered auto-segmentation tool for researchers and medical professionals. Our patented AI platform technology allows users to collect and analyze meaningful data on population-based studies. With the click of a button, you can have access to segmented and landmarked DICOM files to push forward your research and unlock new discoveries! Licensed products are available to do population based landmark studies, plan specific surgery types, and conduct multi-center clinical outcomes studies

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VENT products are currently for research use only and are not commercially available for clinical use in the USA


Examples of VENT's bone density tools for mapping

Density isolation for bone remodeling research

Easy to scroll multi-directional review of density maps, automatic cut plane visual for surgical planning.



Contact us for your segmentation needs for various musculaskeletal structures. This feature is not for clinical use. 


Contact us for auto-landmarking, a machine-learning feature that automatically detects relevant points, lines, and planes. Population based analysis will be available for bone types in stages.

surgical planning

Coming soon!


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