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Vent Creativity is an AI powered auto-segmentation, landmarking, and digital surgery tool for medical device companies and medical professionals. Our patented technology allows users to receive 3D bone models and Digital Twin surgical plans informed by principal density analysis within 15 minutes!

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8/21. Vent receives patent for LIDAR based AR surgery

LIDAR and range based AR surgery can inform the user on objects to be seen by robotics, or alert the user to the real time location of soft-tissue and other unknown objects relative to the static medical images.

10/29. Vent is now a verified vendor

Vent Creativity is partnering with to serve the medical research and development community as a vendor. We are pleased to increase our offerings for the needs of the scientists and engineers working to change patients' lives for the better.

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8/9. Vent third patent issued for instant registration and live tracking  for patient specific surgeries

Vent Creativity technology allows generation of alignment guides that can accept manual instruments or printed navigation guides that require no assembly to be tracked by navigation and robotics. The instant registration reduces the registration step from minutes of OR time to near zero, allowing surgeons to concentrate on the patient rather than the technology.

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6/17. Vent to sponsor and present at ISTA 2022 Conference

Vent Creativity segmentation validation paper, and the clinical pre/post op matched pair CT scan analysis for bone remodelling have been accepted for presentation at the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty. Come and meet us at the conference to get an in person demo!


VENT products are currently for research use only and are not commercially available for clinical use in the USA


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