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Image Segmentation Service

VENT is happy to offer segmentation services for CT and MRI scans for any anatomy you wish to visualize in 3D in 15 minutes turnaround times, which typically takes 4 hours to achieve manually. We offer

  • CAD models ready for 3D printing

  • Density visualizations for decision making

  • Sectioning for better visual access

  • VR/AR environments for fly-through animations

Automatic landmarking and measurements 

Working with you, we can automate the measurements and decision points to give you insights to the anatomical similarities/differences to expedite decision making processes

Surgical Planning

We can plan digital surgeries for your needs. Working with you, we automate your protocols. This tools is currently for research and educational purposes and is not cleared by the FDA for procedures.

Design Decision Feedback

If you are an OEM or research group with new designs, or if you want to review your existing design in human joint databases, we can analyze the implant for optimum fixation location, density maps around the implant in fixation, and any areas of concerns that would warrant redesign or FEA to review. 

Reverse Engineering

We can scan and reverse engineer objects in surgery from visible scanners or DICOM images for implant positioning, instrument positioning, etc. Ask us about our capabilities!